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Hôtel de Cambis room Avignon
Hôtel de Cambis in Avignon
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After four years of work, the Hôtel de Cambis was inaugurated April 1, 2022 in the heart of Avignon, famed for its bridge and impressive Palace of the Popes. As the hotel’s website states: “Nestled in the shelter of the remarkably well-preserved medieval fortifications of the city of Avignon, the Hôtel De Cambis offers the ideal accommodation from which to explore the City of Popes.”

Because Avignon is situated along the Côtes-du-Rhône wine route, the elegant manor was decorated on the theme of wine, thanks to the imagination of interior designer Julie Gauthron. In the 41 rooms, the architect worked on colors, the transparency and reflections of wine. Four colors were used in the three categories of rooms (named Premier Cru, Grand Cru and Vintage) to evoke the nuances of wine: golden yellow, pink, green and burgundy. In some of them, the separation with the bathroom is made by a tinted glass partition, to play on volumes and colors. The Hôtel de Cambis also features a bar-lounge, L'Orsan, which offers an immersive experience that can include tastings and a menu that particularly highlights the Provence region's wines. The cement tile floor is reminiscent of old bistros, the colorful panels echo the shape of the arches of the Palace of the Popes which is just an eight-minute walk away.

On the second floor, breakfast is served in a bright room. Two adjoining rooms are available for business meetings and a relaxation area for clients. Last, but not least, room service is provided by the starred chef Laurent Azoulay, with his Bokal offer which are healthy, simple and tasty readymade dishes.

It is the perfect stay to enjoy Avignon and the “Amazônia” exhibit at the Palace of the Popes.


Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency