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The March Saint- Georges International Music Festival is a tribute to Joseph BOLOGNE (1745-1799), better known as Chevalier de Saint-Georges, historical figure born in Guadeloupe who was a...


There a so many reasons to visit France in 2019. Visiting Normandy will be a must before, during or after the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Loire Valley will be festive with Renaissance fever...


1. So easy to get to
Whether you are travelling just to France or Europe as a whole, Normandy is only a short train ride from the French capital and a 1 hour flight from...


The Island presents its dive industry at DEMA Show from November 14th – 17th 2018

LUMA Elevation

LUMA Foundation

Arles, PACA
Opening – early 2019
Just a stone’s throw from the city’s Roman Amphitheater, Arles has become home to an exciting...

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Top French Cities for Foodies: A taste of Regional Cuisine less than 2 Hours from Paris

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Paris abounds with cafés, bistros, and fine cuisine of all kinds; yet some things are best savored en région. Take sauerkraut in Alsace, for instance, or oysters on the coast. It’s hard to beat the authenticity. Luckily, a number of cities with delectable local specialties and notable chefs are less than two hours by train from the capital by TGV, or high-speed train. Pack your weekender or just go for the day and hop on the next train for a culinary adventure.