The Picasso Collection in a New Light!

Hôtel Salé | Musée national Picasso-Paris
Picasso Self Portrait | Dora Maar
La Flûte de Pan, Pablo Picasso, 1923 | ]L’Acrobate, Pablo Picasso, 1930
Jacqueline aux mains croisées, Pablo Picasso, 1954 | Le Jeune peintre, Pablo Picasso, 1972
Salon Jupiter | Hôtel Salé | Musée national Picasso-Paris
Press release

Picasso Celebration: The Collection in a New Light!

Under the artistic direction of Paul Smith

March 7 - August 27, 2023 (Newly confirmed dates)

It is fifty years since Pablo Picasso died, on 8 April 1973 at Notre-Dame-de-Vie, his home in Mougins. The body of work that he left behind had a profound impact on the entire 20th century.

For this anniversary year, the Musée National Picasso-Paris has invited the British designer Sir Paul Smith, known for his work with colour, tailoring and unexpected details, to lead the artistic direction of an exceptional exhibition showcasing the museum’s collection.

This exhibition created in collaboration with Sir Paul is curated around masterpieces from the collection. The designer’s unique approach to the works invites the public to view them through a contemporary lens and underlines the continuing relevance of Picasso’s work in today’s world. The visions of these two artists sometimes converge, for example around their shared love of objects, dress and playfulness, thus leading to comparisons and a spectacular, highly inventive approach to the presentation of the works.

Also on show throughout the exhibition are works by contemporary international artists. In their shared desire to open up new interpretations to Picasso’s work, Guillermo Kuitca, Obi Okigbo, Mickalene Thomas and Chéri Samba interrogate his image and put their own slant on some of his artistic innovations.

1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the Hôtel Salé

Curators: Cécile Debray and Joanne Snrech, in collaboration with François Darea


Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency