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To Highlight France’s cultural and tourist appeal

Netflix regularly puts France in the spotlight with its French and international productions shot in France. A new study conducted by the Basis Research Institute, reveals that the broadcast of these films and series reinforces France's cultural and touristic appeal. Given these elements, Netflix and Atout France have signed a letter of commitment to promote France. To mark the occasion, they are unveiling an advertising campaign entitled "On n'a pas fini d'imaginer la France" ("There’s Always more to Imagine about France"), as well as a brand-new collection of tourist guides to discover France in a new light, in the footsteps of Netflix heroes Emily, Lupin... and many others!

Films and series that make you want to visit France

Who hasn't felt the urge to travel while watching a film or a TV series from the comfort of their sofa? Lupin, Balle Perdue, Murder Mystery, Miraculous, La Vie Scolaire... it's not just Emily in Paris that makes you want to discover France. According to a Basis study of American, Japanese, and German audiences, viewers who watched French programs on Netflix are 3 times more likely to name France as their #1 travel destination.

What's more, Netflix subscribers who have watched these films and series will generally be more inclined to explore French culture by continuing the experience in their own way: •63% want to visit cultural sites and monuments
•61% want to learn about culinary specialties
•58% want to explore French cities portrayed on screen

Interest in French culture also extends to language: viewers who have watched French-language productions are 3.5 times more likely to want to learn to speak French than viewers who have not been exposed to these programs (32% vs. 9% of those surveyed)

By reaching audiences who wouldn't necessarily have had access to French productions, Netflix enables people to discover France differently. Beyond the desire to travel, nearly one in two people who have watched a French film or series on Netflix say they have a more positive image of the country.

Netflix and Atout France team up for a campaign and tourism guide

Based on the findings of this study, Netflix and Atout France have signed a letter of commitment to boost France's attractiveness. To mark the occasion, they are unveiling an advertising campaign “There’s Always More to Imagine about France” as well as a digital travel guide to help viewers discover France through Netflix films and series.

CAROLINE LEBOUCHER, General Manager of Atout France explains: "Thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, the richness of its cultural heritage, and its art of living, France offers the most beautiful settings for film and series productions. The partnership we are formalizing today with Netflix will enable us to further develop the appeal of France generated by films and series. Thanks to a new travel guide and interactive map, visitors will discover the French sites and locations highlighted in Netflix films and series, including lesser-known places along with the iconic sites and destinations."

MARIE-LAURE DARIDAN, Director of Institutional Relations, Netflix France: "With over 20 original French productions a year, we're proud to showcase France in over 190 countries worldwide. By teaming up with Atout France, we aim to help you discover or rediscover France and its treasures on screen."


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Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency