The Glam Royal Monceau + Solex

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris Solex electric bike
Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris Solex bike tour
Press release

The deluxe Parisian hotel Le Royal Monceau—Raffles Paris is among the 31 exceptional hotels that have been designated Palace de France.

This legendary hotel has teamed up with Solex—also known as VéloSoleX—an iconic French bicycle brand established in 1910 and which started offering motor-driven bicycles (mopeds) since 1946.

Together they are now offering Royal Monceau guests Paris art tours with the latest Solex moped models. The tours are in the expert company of the hotel’s art concierge Julie Eugene. Every month she will offer a unique electric Solex tour to visit and discover museums or galleries, or to experience what’s trending on the Paris art scene.

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Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency