Château Louise de La Vallière goes Baroque

Château Louise de La Vallière
Amarillis Ensemble
Château Louise de La Vallière Suite
Amarillis Ensemble
Château Louise de La Vallière
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To begin its Fine Arts cycle, the recently opened Château Louise de La Vallière, welcomes in its gardens July 28 & 29, 2023 the Amarillis Ensemble. The ensemble brings together soloists of international renown and invites us to celebrate the meetings between Louise and her king, Louis XIV. ThIs ambitious association of talented musicians will perform Baroque pieces, an exceptional period of French music.

A great lover of fine arts, Louis XIV had made baroque music one of the cornerstones of his prestige. Louise de La Vallière, his first official favorite also had a passion for this unique musical style.

Opened last October, the Château Louise de La Vallière is a unique hotel offering 5-star services and a gastronomic restaurant, nestled within a forest in the heart of Touraine, one of France’s loveliest provinces and near the royal town of Amboise. This 16th-century château served as the first holiday residence of the young Louise, future Duchess of La Vallière and the Sun King’s great love.

For details on the 2-day concert program, the weekend package or just ticket prices, see full release below.

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Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency