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Press release

Bordeaux is to be congratulated on its initiatives in the tourism and events industry, on the occasion of the publication of the GDS-Index 2022 ranking. Ranked ninth last year, the destination improved its performance this year to take fifth place.

The GDS-Index looks at more than 70 verified indicators to assess the destination's sustainability strategy and its implementation. With an overall score of 85.1%, Bordeaux improved significantly on last year’s performance (78.35%). This was largely due to the support of tourism companies in their transition (+22 points), while other indicators continued to show steady growth (+4 points for social performance and actions by Bordeaux Tourism & Conventions, +1 point for environmental performance).

Bordeaux at #5, leads two other French urban destinations in the GDS Top 30 cities: Lyon places 11th and Paris is #25.

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Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency