10th Season: Travels With Darley & Bordeaux

Darley Newman in Blaye
Bordeaux s Miroir d eau
Cycling on Bordeaux riverfront
Darley visits Bordeaux in side car
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TRAVELS WITH DARLEY’s 10th Anniversary Season Features Bordeaux

After filming around the globe for over 15 years, Emmy nominated TV host and entrepreneur Darley Newman checks out the Southwestern capital

New York, NY (January 2023)- The 10th season of TRAVELS WITH DARLEY includes two episodes centered on Bordeaux, France. Each 30-minute episode will bring viewers insights into the deeper meaning of travel through diverse culture, cuisine, heritage, and history as told by the locals and Darley drawing on over a decade and a half of global travels. Launching starting in January 2023 on PBS stations, Darley’s Bordeaux episodes focus on wine and history, markets and villages.

“I’ve always looked to share lesser-known stories. As my crew and I reflect on filming ten seasons, I’m particularly excited about our episodes featuring ‘human interest journeys that will help those who watch reflect on the deeper meaning of travel and to value how stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the time to learn can enrich our lives and inspire us to be more than… beyond the bragging rights moments,” said Darley Newman, the series host and creator. “By traveling the world and getting to know new people and places, we can become better global citizens and more inspired people.”

The 10th season of Travels with Darley started airing on PBS early January and the Bordeaux episodes are scheduled to be broadcast starting the weeks of Feb 13th and Feb 20th both in Los Angeles on KCET and in New York.

Bordeaux, France Markets & Villages "Travels with Darley" Episode Preview

World-class wine, medieval villages, museums and markets, the Bordeaux region of France is truly a feast for the senses. Darley takes a river cruise to explore villages that reveal history around every scenic turn. This episode helps viewers discover the quaint wine hills of Saint-Émilion along the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and the history of winemaking at La Cité du Vin. At Marché des Capucins, which has been Bordeaux's largest city center food market for centuries, Darley introduces viewers to locally produced Bordeaux products, including cheese, wine and sausage.

Bordeaux, France Wine & History “Travels with Darley” Episode Preview

Darley Newman shares how to get the most out of your visit to France’s renowned wine region, including archaeological marvels, historic landmarks, cultural treasures—and multiple wine tastings. She explores Bordeaux on a river cruise, taking excursions via retro sidecar and to survey wine and cuisine from across the region. Among many other adventures in the close environs of Bordeaux, Darley learns about sustainable and ethically farmed caviar from the Dordogne and sips French Champagne and vodka with Justine Rousseau. In Cognac, viewers step inside Rémy Martin, one of the big four producers, with Darley and Damian Garcia to see how Cognac is made and what inspired generations of the Remy-Martin Family to produce it in this part of Bordeaux.

Emmy Award nominated TRAVELS WITH DARLEY takes viewers on U.S. and international adventures with a focus on the history, food, nature and art that reflects diverse cultures and traditions. The series started on Verizon Digital and PBS and is also now available PBS and streaming networks around the world, including on Create TV, Ovation TV’s JOURNY, Amazon Prime, and Wondrium. The series was created by Darley Newman, the creator, producer and host of Emmy Award-winning “Equitrekking” series and “Look Up,” launching summer of 2023.


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