Top French Cities - Microbreweries and Artisanal Beers in Southern France

Terrasse Brasserie - Marseille
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Aix-en-Provence, city of a thousand fountains, is often associated with its fresh, sun-filled cuisine and local rosé. The water and terroir are so abundant here that creative locals have also started producing their own beers.

Aqua Maltea brews delicate beers, including a ginger one, that are completely organic and eco-friendly.

• Based in Saint Cannat, Brasserie La Petite Aixoise produces a fine selection of beers that are 100% local and organic.

Brasserie AixPression is brewed in Rognes, and was started in 2014 by a teenager with a passion.

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This picturesque city filled with top restaurants is known for its quality arts and music festivals. The excitement for beer is also brewing in Avignon, which just hosted the third edition of its Avignon Bière Connexion.

• Avignon's first microbrewery is still in the works with Brasserie Pirate, a truly tiny artisanal brewery in the city center.

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As a nod to the growing number of regional microbrewers and craft beer fans, this spring Marseille hosted its third edition of the Provence Bière Connexion. The two-day event was held at La Friche Belle de Mai cultural center.

• The brightly labeled La Cagole, which represents an extroverted girl from the Calanques region of Marseille, brews three types of beer, the most popular a golden Pils-style.

Brasserie des Suds brews Part Faite, a refined selection of organic, eco-friendly beers that reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle.

• Make beer, not war. That's the motto behind craft beer makers Brasserie Minot, who also holds concerts and cultural events in their downtown brewery.

Brasserie de la Plaine produces a variety of neighborhood beers, including a few medal winners, like their violet-infused brew.

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Montpellier is a warm, dynamic city that loves its food. There's a farmer's market for nearly everyday of the week, serving fresh oysters, herb-infused sausages, dozens of types of olives and tapenades—perfect for pairing with beer.

La Barbote is a welcoming venue with an original selection of beers brewed onsite.

• La BAF, or La Bière artisanale de Figuerolles, is a creative association focused on transmitting the traditional savoir-faire of beer making, where members participate in all aspects of production.

• Brewed in nearby Mauguio, Let it Beer is known for its refined beers, but also for its Esprit de Bière, an award winning beer-infused eau-de-vie.

Le Détour ! Brasserie is more than a brewery, it's also a social mission to make craft beer making a sustainable endeavor.

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With year-round sunshine, four miles of beaches and an endless list of activities on offer, Nice is one of the oldest French wine regions as well as a growing beer producing city.

• Located near the market, Brasserie de Nice beers are served in several of the city's best restaurants.

Brasserie La Bleue brews creative craft beers inspired by the color blue, which Nice is famous for.

• With all the glam and glitz for which Nice is renowned, Blue Coast Brewing Company was founded by a trio of motorsports professionals, now associated with a celebrity brew master.

Mare Nostrum produces artisanal beers, liqueurs and spirits from their ancient stone building in Castillon.

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City of art and history, Nîmes is an ancient Roman town with a modern twist and locals who appreciate a good time. Its covered market is a must for those wanting to try the local pâté or brandade de Nîmes, a salty cod purée served on toast. Try that with a tasty a microbrew.

• Located in an alternative collective venue, Brasserie de la Cave combines urban design with traditional handmade brewing to create La Bière de Ouf.

La Barbaude, run by two brothers, produces creative yet traditional style brews in the heart of the city.

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Grenoble, located near the foothills of the Alps between the Drac and Isère rivers, has exceptionally pure waters, a definite bonus for small local breweries and beer drinkers. In fact, this September marked the second edition of Grenoble Beer Week, a showcase of all the craft breweries around.

Kiltin’ Brew Pub is a new kilt-inspired Scottish pub brewing traditional British cask ales.

• Microbrewery Maltobar hosts events and tours, and crafts classic beer styles as well as some unique flavors like the herbal Chartreuse.

• For all-natural beers made with fine Belgian malt, reserve a table at Solstice for tastings.

• Find organic beers by Irvoy at restaurants all around Grenoble.

Paye ta bière is a beer bar, and brewery where you can also brew your own creation.

• Try Dr D for a small brewpub with a passionate young owner and a warm welcome.

• Daring drinkers, look for Sacrebleu!, the first European blue beer with a 100% natural color by Brasserie des Cuves.

La Dourbie, also the name of a river, brews quality traditional beers with water from the Alps.

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Top French Cities is an association of 29 cities, from regional capitals like Bordeaux to important towns like Avignon and Versailles. They are perfect for young travelers, families and anyone else looking for fun and authentic French experiences that will fit their budget. Most of these cities are university towns with a youthful atmosphere, but all of them reflect the heritage and distinctive flavors of the regions to which they belong. Many are forward-looking too, with historic buildings repurposed to house contemporary art and activity centers like Les Docks in Marseille. Many have created or integrated new, modern museums to contrast with their classical, architectural heritage, like in Nimes, where the cutting-edge Museum of Roman Civilization (Musée de la Romanité) is located across from the historic Roman amphitheater, or in Nantes, where whimsical mechanical creatures are being created, or in the UNESCO World Heritage Site concrete city of Le Havre.


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