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Divided by the Somme River, Amiens is known for its many canals and floating garden markets.

• Try Charles & Vianney, and visit the brewery where you can create your own beer with the experts.

• Look for beers by Microbrasserie Bears’ Tavern, dedicated to eco-practices and its happy-go-lucky teddy bear image.

• Brasserie le Comptoir du Malt opens in October 2018. Try the classic Amiens dish la ficelle picarde along with one of their easy drinking blonde ales.

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Said to have a strong "Flemish soul," Lille was named the European Capital of Culture in 2004. Its TGV line and newly developed infrastructure have put it on the map for both tourism and trade.

• The second edition of the Northern city of Lille’s beer fest “Bière à Lille” will take place from November 5 to 11 and close November 10 & 11 with a grand ball at the Saint-Sauveur rail stations

Célestin, centrally located in the old town, is the place for hoppy beer tastings and knowledgeable connoisseurs.

• Look out around town for beers with creative labels and names (like Yoga Fire) by le Singe Savant, loved for their hoppy beers.

Brasserie LIL Marcotte participates in events like the renowned annual Braderie de Lille flea market.

• Quirky little restaurant with a good dinner menu, Le-Ici has two artisanal blond beers and occasional seasonal additions under its Brasserie BJB label.

Moulin d’Ascq is located in an organic farming complex La ferme du sens, and has been known for its quality organic beers since 1999.

Cambier, a brewery just outside of Lille in Croix, offers guided tours of 19th-century beer brewing.

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Metz is known for the Centre Pompidou-Metz, a spectacularly unique building that's just as intriguing (though looks nothing like) its sister Pompidou Center in Paris. The city's strong German heritage lends itself naturally to a place for proper beer brewing.

Brasserie La Tuilerie is open for tastings on Thursday and Friday afternoons only.

Bon Poison is inspired by British pub culture, and participates in events and tap take-overs around town.

• Producing limited edition microbrews found only in select shops, Apesanteur never brews more than 1500 bottles at a time.

• Taste and purchase non-pasteurized, non-filtered organic beers with the city’s namesake label at the Bière de Metz brewery.

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Known not only for the world's biggest car collection open to the public, Mulhouse is also famous for its sauerkraut and strong Alsatian roots thanks to its proximity to Switzerland and Germany.

• Come for tastings with passionate bière de terroir experts at Brasserie du Rhin, or even book a private meal to go with the tasting.

Brasserie G’sundgo Brewery, located in the small commune of Eschentzwiller (pop.1500), is a truly artisanal product sold only in markets and farms.

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It's difficult to think of Reims without connecting it to its Cathedral or its Champagne heritage, yet more and more locals are now experimenting with another kind of sparkly drink.

• Referred to as the most Champagne-like of beers, Microbrasserie Kunzi produces seven La Rémoise beers, one for everyday of the week. (275 rue de Cernay – 00 336 48 29 45 92)

Brasserie La Bouquine in Cormontreuil produces beers with finesse, best enjoyed in the brewpub's convivial rock n' roll atmosphere.

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Strasbourg is a European capital that has been highly influenced by neighboring countries since the Great Wars, so it comes as no surprise that the city has developed such a zeal for beer making. And what could go better with its famous sauerkraut?

• Since 1746, Au Brasseur has been brewing highly fermented beer out of 100% pure malt and hops.

• Right downtown, La Lanterne brewpub was recently renovated and serves five of its own beers on tap.

Brasserie Bendorf produces a small range of creative, award-winning beers, some brewed with seasonal local products.

Brasserie Perle comes with a long family history, since 1882.

• Try six unique brews at Brasserie 3 Mats with recommended food pairings.

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About Top French Cities –

Top French Cities is an association of 29 cities, from regional capitals like Bordeaux to important towns like Avignon and Versailles. They are perfect for young travelers, families and anyone else looking for fun and authentic French experiences that will fit their budget. Most of these cities are university towns with a youthful atmosphere, but all of them reflect the heritage and distinctive flavors of the regions to which they belong. Many are forward-looking too, with historic buildings repurposed to house contemporary art and activity centers like Les Docks in Marseille. Many have created or integrated new, modern museums to contrast with their classical, architectural heritage, like in Nimes, where the cutting-edge Museum of Roman Civilization (Musée de la Romanité) is located across from the historic Roman amphitheater, or in Nantes, where whimsical mechanical creatures are being created, or in the UNESCO World Heritage Site concrete city of Le Havre.


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