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Craft beers are a surprisingly good match for Annecy's rich mountain fare. It's even more fitting that they're brewed with the lake's pure water, known to be the cleanest in Europe.

Brasserie ArtMalté is a tiny brewery, bar, and cellar that also organizes workshops and tastings.

• Sold in a few local restaurants, Brasserie Bombardos brews a white and a blond beer, which they call "explosive."

Brasserie du baigneur uses traditional methods to brew beers with fresh water from the lake.

Microbrasserie La Démarrante is a creative pico-brewery that produces beer, fresh bread, and ideas.

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Nancy is famous for having a sweet tooth, with patisseries and chocolatiers galore. But it also has many local meaty dishes, and charcuteries, which pair extremely well with beer.

La Fabrique de Bière à Nancy is a convivial bistro-brewery that serves its own beers and an excellent flammekueche, or savory tarte.

• Established in 2011 and growing its own hops since 2015, Microbrasserie Grenaille is an eco-friendly microbrewery in nearby Jarville-la-Malgrange.

Brasserie Hoppy Road microbrewery in Maxéville loves experimenting with aromas.

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With its avant-garde design, a dozen compelling museums and astounding natural surroundings, Saint Etienne offers a great deal to talk about over l'apéro.

• Located on the site where the Mosser family started brewing beer in 1860, Brasserie Stéphanoise is now the association of two local microbreweries: Copains-Chopines and La Glütte.

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Dijon's culinary specialties include garlic escargots and wild boar ragout, both of which go undeniably well with a Burgundy wine, and beer of course.

• Run by a third-generation grain farmer, Brasserie Sully in Saint Apollinaire brews naturally bubbly beers.

• In nearby Couternon, Brasserie Elixkir is also a taproom that brews and serves its large range of original beers.

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Clermont-Ferrand is a city bursting with creativity in the arts, music, and more. Many locals are also experimenting with beer.

• Since 2012, Bières le Plan B has been brewing eco-friendly beers in the heart of the city.

Microbrasserie le Grizzly brews award-winning beers inspired by America.

• Les Bières d’Arvernys are produced by a passionate father-and-son team.

Microbrasserie Balm in nearby Cournon focuses on ingredients grown in France.

• La Corentaise by Bières de Corent pico-brewery produces Abbey-style brown and amber beers in their tiny winemaking village.

Chez le Brasseur in Aubière is also a restaurant, where the brew master puts on a live show on Tuesdays.

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As Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie, Tours knows how to celebrate food. Try a slice of rillettes, or pâté, with a glass of cold beer.

Microbrasserie de Tours brews a broad range of artistic craft beers in La Riche.

• From their brewery in Notre Dame d'Oé, La P’tite Maiz’ plays with their favorite tastes from around the world to brew new types of beer each month.

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Orléans, situated on the Loire River, celebrates jazz, Jeanne d'Arc, and in 2018, the 300th anniversary of New Orleans.

• In Cercottes, just north of Orléans, Big Bang Beers uses a carbon neutral production method to brew organic, cosmic beers.

Brasserie des Ecluses based in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Mesmin is available in select local venues, as well as from its beer truck, which tours around and offers their natural brews on tap.

• Brewed with local malt in Chaingy, Brasserie Octopus beers are now also available at the OctoPub and boutique, recently opened in Cap Saran.

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