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City region: Pyrénées-Méditerranée / Occitanie

Population & what they are called: 279,845 inhabitants (2014 census), called Montpelliérains

Access from Paris:

  • by road: about 7 hours (465 miles) via the A71 and A75 autoroutes

  • by train: about 3 h 30 min by TGV from the Gare de Lyon

Famous native daughters & sons:

  • Auguste Comte, a founder of sociology

  • Rémi Gaillard, prankster

  • Jacques and Laurent Pourcel, twin brother and chefs

Most distinctive and/or unique fact or trait (or little known fact):

  • Montpellier is the second most important city in France for learning French as a foreign language, with around 20 FFL language courses teaching 10,000 students a year.

  • With more than 10 shops, Montpellier is one the leading city in France for violin-making.

Notable sites:

  • Ecusson – the historic center and France's largest pedestrianized zone, a maze of medieval alleys that open out onto large plazas like Place de la Comédie, Place de la Canourgue and Place du Peyrou

  • Cathédrale Saint-Pierre – a former Benedictine chapel, built in the 14th century

  • Faculté de Médecine – the oldest still-active medical school in the Western world, with an anatomy museum and the first botanical garden in France (

Top annual events:

  • Les Estivales – a friendly chance for encounters over local wines, tastings and books, every Friday evening from from late June to early September

  • Festival Radio France et Montpellier Occitanie – summer festival of classical music and jazz with about 150 events, most of them free (

  • Festival International des Sports Extrêmes – a competition for amateurs and professional involved in extreme sports – inline skating, BMX, skateboarding, mountain biking, wakeboarding and scooters (

Most notable museums:

  • Musée Fabre – with nearly 800 major works on display, this museum has among the leading fine arts collections in Europe (

  • La Panacée – a contemporary art center encouraging art inspired by multiple disciplines (visual, written and digital) (

  • Montana Gallery – exhibition space is dedicated to the art of graffiti (

Culinary specialties:

  • grisettes de Montpellier – small honey and liquorice candies

  • pavés Saint Roch – artisanal delicacy made from crushed almonds, a thin paste of candied orange peel, cocoa and spice

  • oysters – whether from Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone just 6 miles away or from Bouzigues, near Sète, 20 miles west

Local wines & spirits:

  • Les Grès de Montpellier – a wine with deep red color and an aromas of red fruits

  • Coteaux du Languedoc AOC wines — the biggest vineyard in France with a large number of grape varieties


  • Marché des Arceaux – a farmers market located under the Aqueduct down from Place Royale du Peyrou

  • Marché du Lez – a new place to see and be seen, with a farmers market, flea market, street artists and more

  • Odysseum – a prime leisure and shopping centre, with more than 100 boutiques and a wide range of leisure activities (

Most popular night spots:

  • Le Rockstore – a concert venue set in a deconsecrated and converted church

  • Los Parigos – a wine cellar and tapas bar in the old town

  • La Chistera – one of the liveliest bars in the city with an expansive beer selection

Local population’s favorite activities (or hangouts):

  • Jardin des Plantes – the oldest botanical garden in France, founded in 1593

  • Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle – adjacent to the Place de la Comédie, a wooded promenade much loved by locals, as well as location of the Pavillon Populaire, an exhibition space

  • Pierresvives – a concrete ship-shaped building designed by architect Zaha Hadid as a multi-cultural meeting point with a multimedia library, sports center, exhibit gallery and an amphitheater

Local industries:

  • technology – IBM and Dell both have large offices, with IBM using its factory as its European showroom

  • health – the world number two ophthalmology company, Bausch & Lomb, is present following its purchase of Laboratoire Chauvin, as is Horiba Medical, builder of automated medical analysis devices

In Pop Culture:

  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Le Parfum: Histoire d'un meurtrier) by Patrick Süskind – a best-selling exploration of the sense of smell and the power that scent has over people and emotional meaning

  • Inspector Bellamy (Bellamy) – a French crime drama directed by Claude Chabrol and starring Gérard Depardieu as a well-known Parisian inspector who becomes involved in an investigation while on holiday.

  • Battle of the Year – a 2013 film about dance battles, starring Josh Holloway

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