Itinerary: Eastern France – Nancy, Metz, Strasbourg & Mulhouse

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Route Description

A tale of four cities – two in Alsace, two in Lorraine – all abounding in natural, architectural and cultural riches, as well as world-famous wines and, in season, the country's largest and most beautiful Christmas markets.

In Nancy, it's about appreciating artistic expression in all forms. There’s 18th-century refinement – the Ducal Palace, UNESCO World Heritage-listed grand plazas, older museums, formal gardens and a well-kept old town. But also Art Nouveau, born in Nancy and embraced in newer museums and quality crystal shops. Learn more about Nancy

In Metz, 3,000 years of history find shape in the Roman, medieval, classical and contemporary architecture. There are historic monuments, grand plazas and even an Imperial Quarter that is intact testament to German town planning. Of course, museums, galleries (especially the Centre Pompidou-Metz) and fine dining too. Learn more about Metz

Strasbourg is a mix of modern international institutions like the European Parliament with a charming historical center, called “Little France” a UNESCO World Heritage Site packed with narrow alleyways, canals and half-timbered houses with street-level winstubs (local taverns), all lorded over by a Gothic cathedral masterpiece. Learn more about Strasbourg

Mulhouse offers something a little different: France’s tallest Protestant church, tart sauerkrauts instead of creamy sauces, and an emphasis on manufacturing prowess through its museums and its present economy. All that while also staying environmentally conscious and still playing an important role in Alsace’s vaunted wine traditions. Learn more about Mulhouse

Along the Way

Beyond Metz

  • Longwy: site of a hexagonal Vauban fortress (UNESCO World Heritage site)

  • Laquenexy fruit gardens and Pange castle garden: two of a networked group of "Gardens without Limits" (Jardins sans Limites)

Between Metz and Strasbourg

  • Parc Régional des Vosges du Nord: the forested foothills north of the Vosges Mountains (UNESCO Man and the Biosphere program)

Between Strasbourg and Mulhouse

  • Neuf-Brisach: a 17th-century fortified town

How to Cover the Route

Approximate shortest-path road distances between cities Approximate shortest train/bus travel times between cities
Nancy ↔ Metz
38 miles 40 min (regional train)
Metz ↔ Strasbourg 105 miles 48 min (TGV)
Strasbourg ↔ Mulhouse 72 miles 45 min (TGV)

Given the short distances between cities, and the numerous attractions to see both in the city environs and along the way, this route lends itself to driving. However, as there are direct rail links, including high-speed service, with very short travel times, it is also easily accomplished by train.