January 2022 update: entry requirements for vaccinated U.S. Citizens and Residents

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The United States has been placed on the Red list of countries as of January 2nd.

This will not affect vaccinated travelers who will be able to board flights with proof of vaccination, a sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID symptoms and other forms below, to enter France freely without restrictions.

Please note that all fully vaccinated U.S. Citizens & residents and non-EU international travelers over the age of 12 years will need to show proof of a negative COVID test. Either a PCR or antigen test taken within 48 hours before departure.

In addition to the test, travelers to France must show their airline a Certificate of International Travel in the form of a Sworn Statement that can be downloaded from the French Interior Ministry website | When you arrive on the page, go towards the middle of the page & select "TRAVEL TO/FROM AN RED LIST COUNTRY then scroll down to “You wish to enter Metropolitan France," then at the bottom select & download Sworn Statement

The French government also requires that you complete a digital passenger location form (dPLF).

However, un-vaccinated U.S. residents can only travel to France if they have pressing grounds for travel. Once arrived in France, they will need to quarantine for 10 days. See here for a list of pressing grounds.

Once in France, vaccinated travelers should apply for what was once known COVID Certificate or Pass Sanitaire. The pass is required to visit public sites (i.e. museums, monuments, restaurants and cafes) as well as board domestic transportation.

As of January 15,2022, all people age 18 and older will need to show proof of a booster shot between 3 and 7 months after their second dose of the COVID vaccine to obtain a pass or to update a Pass Sanitaire. A law voted on January 15, 2022 and implemented by the end of the week, will transform the Pass Sanitaire into a Pass Vaccinal (Vaccination Pass,) which means that temporary Pass Sanitaires for un-vaccinated travelers showing a negative test will no longer be issued and that the Pass Vaccinal will only be issued to those with a full vaccination course & booster shot, allowing them to gain access to public sites & to board domestic transportation. To obtain what is now known as the Pass Vaccinal upon arrival in France the vaccination Pass will be delivered in select pharmacies in Paris and France. The list of pharmacies and their locations and addresses can be found on a map on this link at the bottom of the French Ministry of Health page.

Depending on the pharmacy, the service charge for generating a Pass Vaccinal from U.S. proof of vaccination & booster will be 30 to 36€ maximum.

American residents and Non-EU nationals (except students who must apply to the Assurance Maladie) must present the following documents:

– A passport.
– The original paper certificate of vaccination & booster shot—i.e. CDC card.

These essential documents must include, in a legible manner, the surname, first name, date of birth as well as the date of vaccination, the vaccine used, number of doses and the country of vaccination.


The vaccines accepted by France are those recognized by the European Medecines Agency (EMA): Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. The proof of vaccination is only valid on condition that it attests to the fulfillment of a complete vaccination timetable, that is:

• 2 weeks after the 2nd injection for dual injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
• 4 weeks after the injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson—sometimes referred to in Europe as Janssen);
• 2 weeks after injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid-19 (only 1 injection required)

Again, Un-vaccinated U.S. residents in France can no longer receive a temporary Pass Sanitaire (valid for 24 hours) by presenting proof of a negative COVID test to a pharmacy.


Marion Fourestier - Director of Communications
Atout France USA, The France Tourism Development Agency