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Carnival in Martinique

Top Reasons to visit France in 2021

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April 30, 2021 UPDATE:Following postponements of inaugurations and major events in 2020 & 2021,,the French President announced on April 30, 2021 that cultural venues & museums will be permitted to re-open as of May 19.

Distillerie Depaz

Raise a Glass to Rhum!

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Follow Martinique’s Route du Rhum to discover the island’s distilleries

Frank A. Perret Museum of Saint-Pierre, Martinique gets a new face and name

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This totally revamped & virtually new museum was founded in 1933, is the idea of the self taught American volcanologist and engineer Frank A. Perret who helped in the reconstruction of Saint-Pierre. This passionate man was adamant about collecting and preserving objects after the eruption


Top French Cities - Metz at a glance

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For more information, visit the Metz Tourism Office at

City region: Lorraine / Grand Est

Population & what they are called: 119,775 inhabitants (2014 census), called Messins

Access from Paris:

  • by road: about 3 hours (206 miles) via the A4 autoroute de l'Est

  • by train: about 1 h 25 min by TGV from the Gare de l'Est

Famous native daughters & sons:

  • Carole Gaessler, journalist

  • Robert Schuman, politician and a founding father of the European Union

  • Paul Verlaine, poet

Most distinctive and/or unique fact or trait (or little known fact):

  • The largest surface area of stained glass windows in France is found in Metz cathedral (70,000 ft² from the 13th to 20th centuries).

  • Laurent Wiltz, director of Mr Hublot, Academy Award winner for Best Short Film (Animated) in 2014, studied fine art in Metz.

Notable sites:

  • Quartier Impérial – a magnificent and intact example of German town planning

  • Cathédrale St-Etienne – one of the most impressive Gothic churches in Europe

  • Porte des Allemands and ramparts – a fortified gateway attached to vestiges of the medieval ramparts that were once 7km long

Top annual events:

  • Festival Mirabelle – a series of mirabelle plum-based activities that take place in late summer (

  • Marché de Noël – France’s second most visited Christmas Market (

  • Constellations – a summer festival of art and culture focused on the digital arts (

Most notable museums:

  • Centre Pompidou-Metz – this sister institution of the Pompidou Center in Paris is a cultural center with innovative multi-disciplinary programs in contemporary art (

  • Musée de la Cour d’Or – a maze of galleries visiting 2,000 years of Metz city history, from Gallo-Roman times to the 19th century (

  • FRAC Lorraine – a contemporary art collection at the Regional Contemporary Art Fund of Lorraine (

Culinary specialties:

  • Metz mirabelle – a small golden plum that makes excellent jam and brandy

  • Paris-Metz – cake made of macaroons, filled with mousse and topped with raspberries

  • macarons de Boulay – an almond-flavored macaroon (

Local wines & spirits:

  • Moselle AOC wines – a rich and varied range of wines can be discovered on the 25km wine trail of the Metz region

  • Mirabelle liqueur – a brandy distilled from the mirabelle, the small plum of the Lorraine region


  • Marché Couvert – this covered market (once a bishop's palace) has a wide choice of local produce and specialties

  • flea market – second largest in France (after St-Ouen near Paris), located in the Metz Expo

  • the heart of the city – major shopping streets include Rue des Clercs, Rue Serpenoise and Rue Taison

Most popular night spots:

  • Place St Jacques – bars and terraces are open until 2am

  • Arsenal – one of the grandest concert halls in Europe

  • Café Jehanne d’Arc – a watering hole dating back to the 13th century

Local population’s favorite activities (or hangouts):

  • Plan d'eau – a favorite local park, at a bend in the Moselle River, for strolling and paddling

  • Jouy Canal – especially popular with joggers and walkers, emerges into a lake opposite Mont Saint‐Quentin

  • Jardin botanique – a botanical garden with ponds, winding paths and a toy train railway

Local industries:

  • energy – electric stations powered by gas, nuclear, water, wind and solar; one of France’s largest biomass power stations is in Metz, delivering 60% of the city’s heat from renewable resources

  • automobile – car and car-part factories such as PSA Tremery, a leader in building motors and gear boxes

In Pop Culture:

  • An American Werewolf in Paris – a 1997 comedy horror movie that was partly filmed in Metz

  • The Hunters – parts of this 2011 French thriller were filmed at Metz's Fort de Queuleu

  • the written works of François Rabelais, Paul Verlaine, Bernard-Marie Koltès and Adrienne Thomas

Major 2020 developments:

  • 800th Anniversary of the city's Saint-Etienne Cathedral, nicknamed "The Lantern of God," is renowned for its Chagall stained-glass windows. Celebrations begin December 8, 2019 through December 8. 2020.

  • 2020 will also be the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Pompidou Metz, the regional wing of Paris' Pompidou Center