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Provence innovation in sustainable tourism

Press release

To help combat over tourism, the Provence-Alpes -Cotes d’Azur region is partnering with Waze to better manage traffic during peak times by routing visitors to less populous sites.

Hôtel de la Marine Outside Gallery

The Hotel de la Marine has opened

Press release

After several postponements, Paris has just celebrated the June 12 opening and inauguration of the Hôtel de la Marine.

Musée Carnavalet - Cour d honneur

Carnavalet Museum reopened after 4 years

Press release

Located in the heart of the Marais district, the Musée Carnavalet has over 625,000 works tracing the history of Paris from ancient times until present day

Villa du Temps Retrouvé in Cabourg Normandy

Marcel Proust returns to Cabourg

Press release

Experience through the eyes of Marcel :Proust La Belle Époque in Cabourg, Normandy thanks to the new Villa du Temps Retrouvé

La Vélo Maritime cycling route

New bike paths cross through Normandy

Press release

This spring, two very beautiful and scenic bikes routes that cross Normandy will be available to cycling enthusiasts. They are La Vélo Maritime & La Seine à Vélo