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Destination France Plan: Investing €1.9 billion

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With the Destination France Plan, which has a budget of 1.9 billion euros, the French Government intends to set an actual road map for the development and transformation of the tourism sector over the next 10 years.

Hôtel de la Marine Outside Gallery

The Hotel de la Marine has opened

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After several postponements, Paris has just celebrated the June 12 opening and inauguration of the Hôtel de la Marine.

La Vélo Maritime cycling route

New bike paths cross through Normandy

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This spring, two very beautiful and scenic bikes routes that cross Normandy will be available to cycling enthusiasts. They are La Vélo Maritime & La Seine à Vélo

Le Voyage dans la lune, Georges Méliès, 1902

Major 2021 Openings

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Among the many inaugurations that have been postponed and now reschedule for late this year or 2021 are new openings most notably in Deavuaville Normandy

Grenoble - Snek

8 Southern Top French Cities for Great Street Art

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There was a time in France when graffiti was a bad word. It certainly wasn't synonymous with art. But times have changed. Since the 1990s, a slow but steady reckoning has elevated appreciation of urban art, loosely defined as creative works that relate to cities and are made by people who live in them, including graffiti and street art using stencils, posters, stickers, murals and more. In fact, these days urban art has been lauded by some as a very significant movement in recent art history.