Stage 2 of France's Deconfinement

Café de Flore - Paris
Press release

On Thursday May 28, Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe addressed the nation to share the second stage of France’s ‘deconfinement’ or easing of lockdown measures. The majority of the mainland as well as the French overseas departments like the French West Indies and French Polynesia++ are considered ‘green’ which indicates continuing slowing of the virus. The Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris, is considered orange which means the progression of the virus is slowing but cautionary measures are still needed. Below are the new measures broken down by for both categories, then by green and by orange zones.

++Please note that that Tahiti Tourism announced on Friday, June 5, that the islands of French Polynesia will reopen to all international travel on July 15, 2020. See announcement

For the entire country and overseas regions (as of June 2nd):

  • There’s no longer a restriction on domestic travel within France. Previously, all travel had been limited to within 100 kilometers of a person's home.

  • All parks and gardens can reopen

  • Beaches and lakes can reopen

  • All museums and monuments can reopen. All visitors are required to wear a mask and follow any other sanitary measures required by the institutions.

  • Movie theaters will reopen nationwide on June 22nd

  • No gatherings of more than 10 people in a public place

  • Masks must be worn on public transportation

  • No standing in bars

For the Green Zone (most of mainland France, French West Indies, French Polynesia) as of June 2nd:

  • Cafes and restaurants can reopen. No more than 10 guests to a table and all tables must be 1 meter apart. All personnel are required to wear masks as are guests until they are seated at the table.

  • Tourist accommodations can reopen

  • Theatres can reopen

  • Pools and gyms can reopen

  • Schools :

    1. Elementary schools will continue to reopen with a maximum of 15 students per class

    2. Middle schools and high schools can reopen

For the Orange Zone (Ile-de-France region which includes Paris):

  • Outdoor seating only for cafes and restaurants

  • Tourist accommodations can reopen as of June 22nd

  • Pools and gyms can reopen as of June 22nd

  • Schools:

    1. Elementary schools will continue to reopen with a maximum of 15 students per class

    2. Middle schools can reopen with preference given to students in 6th and 7th grade (5eme and 6eme)

    3. High schools can reopen with priority given to technical schools whose students need certifications

Examples of major tourist sites and reopening dates:

  • Chambord Château : June 5, 2020

  • Versailles : June 6, 2020

  • Musée d’ Orsay : June 23, 2020

  • Grand Palais : July 1, 2020

  • Pompidou Center : July 1, 2020

  • Louvre Museum : July 6, 2020

On June 22nd the Government will reconvene and release a third set of measures concerning guidelines for sports and movie theaters. Until then, all team and contact sports are still forbidden.

Borders remain closed until June 15th when the European Union will vote on whether or not to reopen the borders between Schengen countries. The borders to non-EU countries such as the United States remain closed until further notice. A reopening date could be established following the June 15th vote.

As Atout France's CEO Caroline Leboucher says "We await with anticipation Monday, June 15th and the confirmation that internal EU borders will reopen. Professionals working within the French tourism industry have worked alongside the French Government to put together health protocols which will guarantee the safety of their employees and visitors, and encourage best practices. Beaches, countryside and mountain areas where people go walking or practice outdoor sports, culture and heritage sites, restaurants and tourist accommodation are all ready to welcome US tourists again, who should, we hope, be able to enjoy the French way of life, enjoy a morning café crème and croissant on a terrace, share a French meal with friends, or meet up and enjoy some tasty food and wine together.​"


Marion Fourestier
Atout France-The France Tourism Development Agency