MP 2018: From Marseille to Provence, Love Reigns Supreme

Press release


New York - Monday, February 5, 2018 - Provence will generate major buzz with the new region wide event Marseille-Provence 2018 also known as MP2018 “Quel Amour”—“What love”. The event will kick-off on Valentine’s Day with a huge and festive ball in Marseille, followed by a series of 450 love-themed cultural events through September.

This is a declaration of love: MP2018 is dedicating its opening night to childhood. Inviting children to kick off the ball is, for MP2018, a way to send out a strong message about the future, and to declare our confidence in young people and their poetic and creative potential!

The celebrations begin on 14 February, with a reimagined Valentine’s Day, during which the traditional gifts of love will turn into presents for the younger ones among us and romantic rendezvous will become children’s parties with performances, balls, workshops, exhibitions… Theaters, museums, exhibition spaces, and libraries will open their doors wide on Wednesday 14 February and reassert their dedication to young audiences.

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Jennifer Mc Lean
New York, NY 10022
United States