The Champagne Region Celebrates in Style with Cultural Events in 2017

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NEW YORK, NY - The historical province of Champagne, France located just 45 minutes outside of the capital of Paris, will celebrate 2017 with a selection of cultural events across the region; including tributes to acclaimed artist Auguste Renoir, the Séjour des Réconciliations conference hosted by UNESCO and Global Champagne Day.
“Although Champagne has been historically known as the producer of the finest sparkling wines in the world; there is more that this region has to offer. A rich history lies in this province of France, with the House of Auguste Renoir and UNESCO protected heritage sites. This year we are delighted to celebrate the untapped beauty of this picturesque countryside to all travelers around the world.” - said, XX

The House of Auguste Renoir in Champagne

The province celebrates 2017 as the year of Renoir, paying tribute to this painter whose art, technique and determination still fascinate today. On June 3, the family home of one of the most illustrious painters of France will be inaugurated. A long and vast project that took two years to construct will allow visitors to discover the artist in his intimate surroundings.

2nd Edition of the "Séjour des Réconciliations" -From Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 June 2017 Every year, the Mission Coteaux, Maisons and Caves de Champagne organizes the "Stay of Reconciliations" to celebrate the inscription on the World Heritage List of Champagne. This major hospitality event is organized in the emblematic sites of the zone of commitment, which includes the 320 villages and towns of the historic wine-growing region selected by UNESCO.

The symbolic value of Champagne, the wine of celebration, reconciliation, happiness and peace, gives the inscription of the Coteaux, Maisons and Caves de Champagne a special dimension that goes beyond the mere ambition of preserving a Well, be it exceptional.

This year 4 highlights will punctuate the Stay of the Reconciliations:
- conferences
- a gala dinner
- simultaneous and shared lantern releases worldwide
- a walk embellished with cultural and heritage discoveries around Champagne from the village of Riceys [ French Language Only ]


Global Champagne Day was created in 2010 by an American blogger, Christian Oggenfuss. The concept is simple: get together, taste Champagne and share your emotions on social networks with the tag #ChampagneDay on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin and many others. Share your photos, tasting notes, experiences, discoveries or videos, this Friday, October 20, 2017.


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