Paris and Paris Region Festivals 2017

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Festivals 2017


May 30 to June 30, 2017 | Click here for details [French language only]

The Festival de Saint-Denis celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, it is offering a programme of events involving some of the biggest names in music (Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Jean Rondeau, etc.) performing classical masterpieces by Beethoven, Bach and Mahler.


June 9 to 29, 2017 | Click here for details [French language only]

The Festival Paris Mezzo is now simply the Festival de Paris. Still directed by Michèle Reiser, its ambition remains to showcase classical music from all over the world by making it accessible to as many people as possible in legendary Paris venues.


June 10 to 11, 2017 | Click here for details [French language only]

We Love Green organises cultural events that combine modern music with sustainability. It brings together emerging and established artists and groups from every country across a broad sweep of genres, from pop to folk, rock and electronica. The festival in the Bois de Vincennes uses eco-responsible staging and logistics, and incorporates cultural and sustainability awareness initiatives.


June 21, 2017 | Click here for details.

La Fête de la Musique has set a unique and symbolic date: June 21—a.k.a as the summer solstice. This enormous free event is open to all musicians from amateurs of every level to professionals to celebrate live music and showcase the breadth and diversity of music making across all musical genres.


June 23 to 25, 2017| Click here for details [ French Language Only ]

5 stages, 2 of them open-air showcase a line-up of more than 80 established and emerging artists atLongchamp racecourse. Solidays promotes a series of different goals, from public health (HIV and STI risk prevention) to international solidarity and youth engagement through socially supportive and good citizenship initiatives. It also raises funds to support French and foreign non-profit organisations. Dedicated meeting and discussion spaces encourage interaction between festivalgoers, non-profits, experts and public figures on issues of health and solidarity.


August 25 to 27, 2017 Click here for details

The Rock-en-Seine festival at the Domaine de Saint-Cloud is built around a top-class international bill, but remains fully committed to French rock. The line-up is also designed to introduce audiences to new talent from France and around the world. The high point of the event is the Avants-Seine initiative introduced to promote six breakthrough bands (3 from the Paris Region and 3 from other regions of France).


August 30 to September 11, 2017 | Click here for details

Offering a new perspective on jazz through its interaction with other art forms: that's the ambition of this year's Jazz à la Villette Festival. The left-field viewpoint outlines the contours of a jazz world that dialogues with visual artists, choreographers, film-makers, actors and - of course - musicians, whether their background is rock, electro, hip hop or contemporary music.

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