Top Reasons To Visit Martinique in 2017

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Closer to home is a jem in the Caribbean that is unspoiled and untouched, within the French West Indies. A unique and diverse melting pot, that is unlike anything else in the world. Boasting the world’s most enchanting beaches, crystal clear waters, bio-diversity, an emerging culinary scene and natural wonders….reaching the island from the US has never been easier until now.

After two successful seasons, tarting in November, Norwegian Air will again operate three times weekly from New York, while travelers based in Boston and Baltimore/Washington, DC enjoy twice-weekly direct flights to the island. American Airlines, which operates year-round nonstop flights from Miami, will also increase peak winter holiday service up to 6 flights per week.

The island of Martinique may have the euro, fly the tri-color and use French as its official language, but its character, cuisine, musical heritage, art, culture, and identity are all of a distinctly Afro-Caribbean inclination known as Creole.

Whether by plane or by sea, the world’s largest cruise ships also make port at Pointe Simon and Tourelles, both terminals located in Fort-de-France, Martinique’s vibrant capital city. Shore excursions and ferries emanating from here provide memorable introductions to the island, especially its unique shopping opportunities.

The freshest and most intricate flavors await, for this latest haven of haute cuisine in the West Indies; Such as the recently opened La Table de Marcel, the gastronomic restaurant of the Simon Hotel in Fort-de-France. It is captained by Martinique-native and Michelin-starred, chef Marcel Ravin who perfectly captures the island’s spirit. Nathanaël Ducteil, a former apprentice of celebrity chef Alain Ducasse, leads the kitchen at French Coco – a brand new four star luxury boutique hotel on the border of the Caravelle Peninsula Natural Reserve.

For those seeking a closer connection to nature, Le Domaine des Bulles or “The Field of Bubbles,” is a new eco-lodge in the town of Vauclin, where rooms here consist of clear air-conditioned bubbles nestled in lush, natural surroundings ensuring total privacy.

There’s never a dull moment in Martinique. Contemporary art has a new home, at the stunning Fondation Clément. The foundation showcases the depth and vibrancy of contemporary art in the Caribbean, and especially in Martinique; a perfect place for art lovers, like nowhere else in the Caribbean.

Merely a short flight away - a paradise is waiting to be found.


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