Top Reasons To Travel France with Rail Europe

Press release


New York, March 21,2017

For those seeking adventure outside of the city Paris, Rail Europe invites travelers to journey from the City of Light through iconic and historic wine regions all the way to the southern reaches of France aboard the latest fleet of high-speed trains from the French National Railroad.

Rail travel within France is not only the best way to get around, it’s the most common. For city-to-city connections of three hours or less, rail accounts for 75% of the traffic versus air. And in 2017, rail travel times are getting even shorter making it all the more appealing. This spring, the connection between Paris and Brittany will be faster than ever thanks to a new high-speed segment between Le Mans and Rennes. Huge service improvements are also being made to the connection with Bordeaux, which will feel like a suburb of Paris when, by next summer, the travel time will be cut from over three hours to two.

Explore Western France in Comfort and Style with a New High-Speed Train. Rail Europe is proud to announce the TGV Océane that will service routes operating between Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse, with a total of 17 train sets to be in use by July 2017. Reaching speeds of 199 mph, the new high-speed fleet will shorten travel time greatly.

Passengers will also experience enhanced comfort with redesigned first and second class seats. Warm woods, soft leather, and high quality fabrics, have been incorporated with design elements by famed French lighting designer Ionna Vautrin, that is set to elevate your travel experience.


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