Stage 3 of France’s Deconfinement & border reopenings

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Press release

In his address to the nation on Sunday, June 14, President Emmanuel Macron declared that all mainland regions, the Paris Region included, have been declared in the green, which means that starting June 15 for Paris & the Paris Region, restaurants & cafes can reopen and serve not only on their terraces but indoors as well. Visits to retirement homes and to assisted living facilities that had been forbidden since March 16, are once again authorized starting June 15. The only remaining exceptions are the overseas regions of Mayotte and French Guiana.

Stage 3 of France’s reopening will occur on June 22, which will include reopening of schools, child care institutions and a greenlight given for people to return to work in the framework of the French Government’s guidelines. Round two of municipal elections will take place on Sunday, June 28.

The internal European borders of EU members, plus Andorra, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Saint-Marin, Switzerland and the Vatican have opened without restrictions on June 15. Two exceptions that have been mutually agreed upon, are the UK and Spain.

  • Concerning Spain: the country will delay the reopening its borders until June 21 and will maintain its 14-day quarantine requirement for airline passengers arriving from EU countries through that date. The same requirements will be applied to Spanish citizens and residents arriving in France.

  • Concerning the UK: the United Kingdom declared June 8 a 14-day voluntary quarantine for French citizens and residents until further notice. Starting June 15, UK citizens and residents will be once again allowed to travel to France and a 14-day voluntary quarantine will be requested until further notice.

Inspired by the French position and in keeping with European Commission recommendations which were announced Saturday, June 13, 2020, Schengen borders will progressively reopen on July 1, 2020 to non-European travelers. The reopening will be gradual and differentiated depending on the COVID-19 sanitary situation of each non-European country. Details and a first list of countries will be announced shortly.

Visas for international students will be a priority and their arrival permitted and facilitated, regardless of their country of origin.


Marion Fourestier
Atout France-The France Tourism Development Agency