Martinique Takes Aggressive Measures Against COVID-19

Press release


New York ⃒ March 24, 2020

Due to the spread of Covid-19 (or the COVID 19 virus, the French Government is enforcing several measures to contain and inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus in its mainland and overseas regions. It follow that The Martinique Authority (CTM), the Martinique Tourism Authority, the Port of Martinique, the Aimé Césaire International Airport, the Regional Health Agency (A.R.S.) along with all the establishments of the public and private sectors are taking an active part against contagion and to ensure the safety of its local residents and guests.

_However and In light of an unexpected turn of events, all guests are strongly advised to return home.

Below is a summary measures implemented in Martinique :

Airports : In accordance with the French Government travel restrictions, Martinique’s International Airport has already suspended inbound passenger flights. And as an additional preventive step has suspended since yesterday March 23, 2020 all international flights to/from the island.

1) The reunification of families with children or dependent person,
2) Professional obligations strictly necessary for the continuity of essential services,
3) Health requirements.

Since midnight March 22, these same restrictions have been applied to passenger flights from Martinique to France.

The same regulations are being enforced between the five French overseas Islands and regions: Saint-Martin, Saint-Barth, Guadeloupe, French Guyana and Martinique.

Cruise Operations : The Martinique Port Authority has forbidden all cruise calls or port calls scheduled for the season. Requests for technical stops will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Container, oil and gas shipping are maintained.

Maritime Transport : Due to the important decrease of passenger capacity allowed by the French authorities; all passenger maritime transportation has been suspended.

Marinas : All activities at Marinas are discontinued.

Hotels & Villas : Due to travel restrictions, most hotels and villa rentals will close after the departure of their last guests. No new guests will be accommodated, and all facilities such as pools, spas and related guest services are closed to the public.

Leisure Activities & Restaurants : Due to the quarantine implemented by the French Government, leisure activities, restaurants & bars are closed to the public. Only restaurants inside hotels with guests are still operating, until the departure of their last visitors.

Economic Activities : In accordance to the restrictions in effect, all businesses are closed, and public transportation is no longer in operation. An exception is made for essential businesses and services such as supermarkets, banks and pharmacies.

All the residents must remain in confinement until further notice. For necessary purposes such as food shopping, health and sanitary reasons or critical work activities, an exemption certificate is mandatory and available on the Prefecture of Martinique’s website.

For updates and more information about the COVID-19 and the measures taken in Martinique, please visit the Prefecture of Martinique website:

About Martinique (
The French Caribbean Island of Martinique is also known as the Isle of Flowers, The Rum Capital of the World, the Birthplace of coffee in the New World, The Isle of the Famed Poet (Aimé Césaire) – Martinique ranks among the most alluring and enchanting destinations in the world. As an overseas region of France, Martinique boasts modern and reliable infrastructure – roads, water and power utilities, hospitals, and telecommunications, services all on par with any other part of the European Union. At the same time, Martinique’s beautifully unspoiled beaches, volcanic peaks, rainforests, 80+ miles of hiking trails, waterfalls, streams, and other natural wonders are unparalleled in the Caribbean, so visitors here truly get the best of both worlds. The currency is the Euro, the flag and the official language are French, but Martinique’s character, cuisine, musical heritage, art, culture, common language, and identity are of a distinctly Afro-Caribbean inclination known as Creole. It is this special combination of modern world conveniences, pristine nature, and rich heritage that has earned for Martinique several notable distinctions in recent years. Hot off the press: In January 2019 listed Martinique first in “The 19 Best Winter Getaways.” Martinique is also featured in the Caribbean Journal’s Best Caribbean Islands to visit and Best Culture in 2019, in addition to naming the Isle of Flowers “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean”. Martinique has also been featured in Travel + Leisure and the New York Time’s “52 Places to Go.”


Marion Fourestier
Atout France-The France Tourism Development Agency