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During the awards ceremony of the International Rum conference which took place in Coral Gables, Florida September 25 to 28, 2019 at the Biltmore Hotel, Martinican Daniel Baudin was voted the world’s Best Rum Master Distiller.

“We are very proud of Daniel Baudin who, with his talent, hard work and genius inspiration has significantly contributed to bring the rums of Martinique and those of the distilleries he serves to international acclaim” Said Karine Mousseau, Tourism Commissioner of Martinique.

Upon his nomination to one of the Rum world’s most prestigious awards, Daniel Baudin humbly expressed both his surprise and gratitude and made the following statement in the spirit of the great poet, philosopher, politician and fellow Martinican, Aimé Césaire: “I have never had this ambition, I don’t seek out competition. And now, I find myself on the podium and I will strive to live up to this great honor and recognition.”

Rum master since 1991 of the Maison le Mauny and Trois Rivières distilleries which are located in the south of Martinique, he and his team have blended and aged the “Grandes cuvees” and vintages of these two major brands. Thanks to Mr. Baudin, the two distilleries produce AOC agricultural rums that won two gold medals at the Paris International Agricultural Show last February for their agricultural AOC white rums.

The Rum heritage of Martinique dates back 300 years and the plantations of Trois Rivières and Maison La Mauny are part of that heritage. These two distilleries house a number of vintages and rums that are aged 20 years and up. Daniel Baudin knows inside-out the “terroir” of his native Martinique and explains that sugar cane often has a different hue and flavor depending on where it was grown on the island. This allows him to experiment and create, like for instance the Cuvée Océane of the Trois Rivières distillery produced with sugar cane harvested from the shores of l’anse Traibaud, giving the rum a hint of salt in its taste.

One of the most important characteristics of AOC rum from Martinique – or Rhum Agricole Martinique – is that it is made exclusively from sugarcane grown on the island and then freshly pressed near a distillery, with no added syrups or molasses. This process endows the rums of Martinique with enduring and unique flavors associated with the parcels of land on which the sugarcane grows, just as grapes and their terroirs instill the wines of France with their distinctive qualities.


The French Caribbean Island of Martinique is also known as the Isle of Flowers, The Rum Capital of the World, the Birthplace of coffee in the New World, The Isle of the Famed Poet (Aimé Césaire) – Martinique ranks among the most alluring and enchanting destinations in the world. As an overseas region of France, Martinique boasts modern and reliable infrastructure – roads, water and power utilities, hospitals, and telecommunications, services all on par with any other part of the European Union. At the same time, Martinique’s beautifully unspoiled beaches, volcanic peaks, rainforests, 80+ miles of hiking trails, waterfalls, streams, and other natural wonders are unparalleled in the Caribbean, so visitors here truly get the best of both worlds. The currency is the Euro, the flag and the official language are French, but Martinique’s character, cuisine, musical heritage, art, culture, common language, and identity are of a distinctly Afro-Caribbean inclination known as Creole. It is this special combination of modern world conveniences, pristine nature, and rich heritage that has earned for Martinique several notable distinctions in recent years. Hot off the press: In January 2019 listed Martinique first in “The 19 Best Winter Getaways.” Martinique is also featured in the Caribbean Journal’s Best Caribbean Islands to visit in 2019, in addition to naming the Isle of Flowers “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean”. Martinique has also been featured in Travel + Leisure and the New York Time’s “52 Places to go in 2018.”


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