Le Voyage à Nantes

Press release

Each summer the French city of Nantes unveils The Voyage to Nantes a creative way to showcase the city’s public spaces. Various artists, gardeners, chefs and DJs are invited to make creative use of sidewalks, parks and squares. This year’s edition began on July 6th and will continue to September 1st . Follow along a painted green line (reminiscent of Boston’s Freedom Trail) and discover:

Pop-up Art Works – Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata has created a wooden structure resembling a swallow’s nest, "Belvédère de L’Hermitage” that juts out over Saint Anne’s hill lending a fantastic lookout over the Loire River and the city. Additionally you’ll find ten smaller ‘nests’ situated throughout the city from the train station to parks and historic monuments. French artist Stephane Vigny created a series of 700 synthetic stone sculptures, notably placed on the city’s Place Royale to mimic the facade which was rebuilt from the original structures following the bombings of World War II. Even the signs for some stores have received an artist’s influence.

Artist-designed Hotel Rooms – the Voyage to Nantes is not limited to the streets. The city works with hotels to create a series of permanent art-inspired hotel rooms each year. Artists have only one rule: to create an interaction with guests. This year, three artists (Makiko Fuirichi, Justin Weiler and Karina Bisch) have been selected to transform the sleeping spaces.

Read on for more details and the full program here and learn more about Nantes.


Marion Fourestier
Atout France-The France Tourism Development Agency