2019 Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours Announced

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With the centenary commemorations of the end of World War 1 underway in Europe, it's a fitting time for Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours (MMBT)—Australia's leading battlefield tour operator—to release its 2019 brochure. New tours include:

D-Day Tours 6 June 1944 was a turning point in the Second World War with the Allied landings on the Normandy coast during Operation Overlord – the Invasion of mainland Europe. On what is our main WW2 Introductory Tour we see some of the most iconic D-Day locations and visit all the D-Day landing beaches along the Normandy coastline as well as seeing the site of the Pegasus Bridge glider landing, and where the ‘Band of Brothers’ fought near St. Mère Eglise. Understand D-Day as you overlook Bloody Omaha, or visit the bunkers at Juno Beach and realize that events on these battle sites are what have defined our modern world.

Dunkirk The evacuation of more than 330,000 British and French troops from Dunkirk in May 1940 during Operation Dynamo, following the Battle of France, was one of the turning points of WW2. Four long years of occupation followed which saw the construction of the Atlantic Wall in this part of Northern France and Belgium, to prevent any Allied return. On this tour we visit the war graves, the memorials, the battle sites of 1940 and both the beaches and port of Dunkirk, even seeing wrecks of the Little Ships. In addition we see some fantastic local war museums as well as the Dunkirk Memorial and War Cemetery. We explore bunkers and defences, as well as seeing where the V-weapons such as the Doodlebug and V2 were launched from.

Contact MMBT on 844-400-BATTLETOURS or email info@battlefieldtours.com.au to order your brochures

About Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours (MMBT) is one of the world’s leading battlefield tour operators. Every year, MMBT sends thousands of travellers on journeys to the sacred places on the great battlefields of Europe, Asia, the USA, and the Pacific. All MMBT journeys are escorted by leading Historians who don’t just know about history – they live and breathe it, and they are looking forward to sharing their passion with you. Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours is not just for war buffs. MMBT tours offer plenty of general tourist and exclusive features, including wine tasting, dinner cruises and even meals with local villagers.


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