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Top French City Lille

Lille3000: Eldorado: From April 27 to December 6, 2019, Eldorado's focus will be on the pre-Hispanic and contemporary traditions of Mexico. Lille3000 is inviting visitors to discover new worlds as well, via a sun-filled spring/summer program featuring over 500 events in Lille and more than 80 neighboring towns. These include opening festivities, urban metamorphoses, and major exhibits at emblematic venues like the Tripostal and Gare Saint Sauveur – Learn More

Visit these Top French Cities under 2 Hours from Paris for Events

If you’re conflicted about when to travel to France—why not plan your journey around a local event that suits your fancy? From music and dance to history and technology, there are many regional festivities all year long that showcase France’s cultural prowess, both traditional and modern. If you’re alighting in Paris, these cities are located under two hours from the capital by high-speed train. Here is a sampling of notable events worth traveling a bit further for – Learn More

Top French Cities for Foodies: A taste of Regional Cuisine less than 2 Hours from Paris

Paris abounds with cafés, bistros, and fine cuisine of all kinds; yet some things are best savored en région. Take sauerkraut in Alsace, for instance, or oysters on the coast. It’s hard to beat the authenticity. Luckily, a number of cities with delectable local specialties and notable chefs are less than two hours by train from the capital by TGV, or high-speed train. Pack your weekender or just go for the day and hop on the next train for a culinary adventure – Learn More