Normandy: Major Sites & Heritage

Armada de Rouen
Seine Chateau Gaillard
Foire aux harengs - Dieppe
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Normandy is internationnally renowned for its wolrd-famous sites : the Mont-saint-Michel, Etretat and its dramatic cliffs. The Mont-Saint-Michel remains an international place of pilgrimage to this day and with its bay is included on the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites.

Normandy invites you to go back in time to retrace the footsteps of William The Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart and Joan of Arc. Explore the rich medieval history of Normandy with its castle, abbeys and museums. With its narrow cobbled streets and cathedral at its heart, Bayeux is the perfect example of a medieval Norman town. It is also home to the world-famous tapestry, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the nineteenth century, a group of experimental artists wanting to break away from the strictures of classical french painting arrived in Normandy from Paris. Attracted by the quality of the light and the beauty of the unspoilt countryside, they set up their easels in the fresh air and painted the ever-changing landscape. This was the beginning of impressionnism ans Normandy and Paris’region were the birthplace of the movement.

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