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Chartres en Lumieres
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Historical revues – September 28 and 29, 2019
Historical reenactments and Renaissance events: battles, flag throwing, parades.


Touraine Loire Valley Marathon, special edition – September 22, 2019
A new distance is available for the 37th Touraine Loire Valley Marathon: 60km (37 miles), run in teams of two, from Tours toward Amboise in honor of “500 Years of Renaissance.” For more on the Loire Valley Marathon.

“Tours, the Royal City” – dates TBC
An exhibition on the role of the city of Tours in French royalty, as the home of five Kings of France from 1444 to 1525, as well as other important figures of the nobility at the time. For more on Tours, the Royal City.

Early French Renaissance: guided tours
Four new guided tours provided by the Tours Tourism Office on a selection of Renaissance-centered themes: o The Renaissance from a general perspective
o Renaissance houses and private mansions
o Religious architecture during the Renaissance
o Places of memory of the Renaissance
For more guided tours.

Musical Invention by Leonardo da Vinci - Musée des Beaux Arts – January to April 2019
A musical and visual installation and exhibition explaining Leonardo da Vinci’s process of musical creation. It includes his reflections on the sonority of things and the production of popular instruments. For more on the Musée des Beaux Arts.


Chartres Cathedral During the Renaissance – May to September 2019
Guided tours of the 16th-century decorations of the Chartres Cathedral.
For more on the Chartres Cathedral.


Renaissance parties - City center – June 1 and 2, 2019
A stroll through the streets of the city center, enlivened by shows, costume parades, historical reenactments and market stalls presenting local craftsmanship and gastronomy.

Renaissance visits – dates TBC
Renaissance art–themed visit to Renaissance buildings in Bourges.

Cabinet of craft curiosities – June to September 2019
Held on the Parvis des Métiers, opposite the cathedral, a group exhibition of skills and knowledge involving ceramicists, cabinetmakers, glassmakers, stonemasons, metalworkers, fashion designers, engravers, jewelers, carpenters, taxidermists and more. A contemporary echo of the genius of Renaissance craftsmen!

Climate and world discovery from 1519 to 2019 – April to November 2019
Exhibition by the Maori artist George Nuku on the issues of climate change and the discovery of the world, centered around two symbolic dates: 1519 and 2019. On the one hand, the exhibition will address the climate of the Renaissance and the discovery of new lands and indigenous populations; on the other hand, it will look at climate change today and the impact of plastic pollution on the oceans. https://www.ville-bourges.fr/_en/site/tourism

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