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Royal Château of Amboise
1519, The Death of Leonardo da Vinci: The Creation of a Myth – May to August 2019
In partnership with the BNF (French National Library), an exhibition of the painting titled “The Death of Leonardo da Vinci” by François-Guillaume Ménageot (1744-1816) and a collection of prints. The exhibition will underscore the friendship between Francis I and Leonardo da Vinci through an unusual contemporary and creative approach involving Italian graffiti artist RAVO, who will produce five paintings depicting details of the original by F-G Ménageot. RAVO’s paintings will be created in public in April 2019 and then be displayed in the Tour des Minimes from May 2 to September 2.
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Château of Clos-Lucé
“Leonardo da Vinci, His Students, The Last Supper and Francis I” – June to September 2019
An international exhibition to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci at the Château of Clos-Lucé on May 2, 1519. For the first time, the tapestry of “The Last Supper,” based on the mural painted by Leonardo da Vinci, will leave the walls of the Vatican to be restored and then displayed in public.
In July, a new cultural space will open with a unique exhibition in two parts: one on Leonardo, the painter; and the other about Leonardo, the architect. The exhibition will include fun, innovative tools such as models, digital tables, 3D animations and virtual reality.
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Regional Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire
Tapestries of the Queen – September to December 2019
Immersion into the private world of Queen Catherine de’ Medici. This is an exhibition of everyday items and the tapestries that once decorated her bedchamber.
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National Domain of Chambord
1519-2019: Utopia at Work – May to September 2019
International architecture competition comprising two approaches: one on the history of the chateau, and the other on its future, with the aim of virtually transforming it into a 21st-century utopian ideal.

A Stone’s Journey – September 2–6, 2019
The journey of a block of tuffeau (limestone) along the Loire, from Tours to Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, just as it was done 500 years ago when the building materials for the Château of Chambord were transported along the river. The trip will happen in several stages, with events, shows and encounters along the way.
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Château of Cheverny
The Renaissance of Elegance
A series of events based around the subject of elegance:
- spring planting of 120,000 tulip bulbs in a ribbon of color 10 meters wide and 160 meters long – March and April
- inauguration of a new Jardin de l’Amour
- exhibition of 12 spectacular sculptures by Swedish artist Gudmar Olovson – starting in April
- Hat Festival – May 18 and 19
- instructional visits on the art of dining and receiving
- Venetian Weekend when 100 or so people in Venetian dress visit the gardens and the castle, which are illuminated by a thousand candles at night – June 22 and 23
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Château of Châteaudun
The Renaissance Art of Vivre – May to September 2019
Exhibition on the changes in living styles that took place during the Renaissance, followed by guided visits to the locations that inspired the exhibition: hanging gardens, bathing apartments and a Renaissance staircase.
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Royal Château of Blois
Children of the Renaissance – May to September 2019
New and exceptional exhibition on the theme of childhood from the late 15th to early 17th centuries. In addition, an exhibition by the artist Laurence Dréano in the rooms of the château with installations and physical and virtual sculptures constructed in Murano and offering symbolic representations of women.
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Château of Langeais
Evolution of Music and Dance During the Renaissance – dates TBC
A program about innovation in music and dance, two activities that were particularly appreciated by Anne of Brittany, the iconic queen of the castle. Performances, dance workshops, historical reenactments etc.
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