Guadeloupe Islands event in NYC - Bastille Day at l'Express

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New York, July 12th 2018, NY – The French archipelago of Guadeloupe will be celebrating Bastille Day in Union Square at the emblematic French Bistro L'Express on Saturday, July 14th. The festivities will feature French Caribbean decor, trip giveaways, a special savory Guadeloupean dinner menu, and Electro-Caribbean beats provided by international DJ/Model/Brand ambassador Willy Monfret.

"Souskay de Mangue Verte", "Accras de Morue Antillais" or "Bar Grillé à la Sauce Chien" will be the stars of the fresh and delightful dishes served at L'Express this Saturday. The meal will be served with the traditional French Caribbean "Planteur’s Punch" to add a Guadeloupean flair to our Bastille Day fête.

"We are thrilled about our Bastille Day Festivities at L'Express as we will also be celebrating France’s qualification in the final round of the World Cup! These are exciting times for us and we are looking forward to sharing this special day with New Yorkers" said Willy Rosier, General Director of the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board.

The highly anticipated Norwegian air fall/winter season flights from New York, (JFK) to Guadeloupe, (PTP) have been on sale since February 2018, and just like last winter season, New Yorkers will benefit from six flights a week (every day but Wednesday).


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