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What is a rail pass? A rail pass is a paper document that allows travelers to extensively travel by train in the European countries for which the pass has been purchased. A rail pass is valid for a specific number of rail travel days within a specific time period. Train travel can take place on consecutive or nonconsecutive days depending on the type of pass. What is a rail month and rail day? A rail pass month is counted as a calendar month. For example, a pass that begins on July 15 will expire at midnight on August 14. A rail day lasts from midnight to midnight. Travelers can take as many trains as they wish during this time. What does flexi mean in terms of a rail pass? A flexi pass is valid for a specific number of travel days that can be used within a defined period. For example, 15 days of unlimited rail travel within two months. A traveler can choose the days they wish to travel. What does consecutive mean in terms of a rail pass? A consecutive-day pass provides unlimited rail travel on any day or all days covered in the length of the pass. On what date is a rail pass considered validated/activated? With most passes, the pass starts the day it is validated by a rail official at the train station. How is a rail pass validated/activated? Travelers go to the ticket window at the rail station before boarding the first train. A railroad official will enter the first and last day of the validity on the pass and stamp the pass. Travelers will have to present their passport at this time. How far in advance can a rail pass be purchased? A pass can be purchased up to six months before the first travel day and must be validated within six months of the original date of issue. As long as the pass is validated within six months of the original date of issue, the pass is valid for use for the full duration of the timeframe for which it has been purchased. Does Rail Europe Inc. offer discounts on passes for groups of travelers? Rail Europe Inc. offers discount for groups of 10 or more. Does Rail Europe Inc. offer discounts on passes? Discounted passes are available for youth (under 26 years of age), seniors (age 60 and over) and children (generally ages 4-11), but should be verified with each product. There are also discounted passes for a party of two or more traveling together at all times. Do the names on the pass and on the passport have to match? Yes. How do travelers use the bonuses that come with the passes? Any bonus that is free will use a travel day on the rail pass. All bonuses are handled locally and are subject to change. How early should travelers arrive at the station? Rail Europe Inc. recommends arriving at the station at least 30 minutes prior to the train departure time. This allows enough time to clear any security check and board the train. What can travelers expect to find at the train stations? Train stations in the larger cities of Europe offer a wide range of shopping and eating places. The stores at train stations tend to remain open late in the evening and are also open on Sundays as they cater to travelers. What are the advantages of using the mobile site and Rail Europe App for the iPhone and iPod touch? The app and mobile site give customers a confident and seamless way to travel throughout Europe. With these resources, travelers can skip the lines, eliminate language barriers at train stations when making rail reservations, access all rail travel information directly from their phone, gain access to suggested side-trips and itineraries, and receive special advisories relevant to travel dates and destinations.


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