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Rail Europe Inc.: Rail Europe combines the maps, schedules and fares of 50 different train companies across Europe, creating one stop to plan and book your European rail travel. Explore France and a little more of Europe, with Rail Europe: Make France the central destination for your next European trip. High speed trains make it easy to explore France and its neighboring countries. France is a top destination: France is one of the top five European destinations for Rail Europe's travelers. Connecting France: High speed TGV trains connect over 200 cities in and around France, covering approximately 1,178miles. Sightseeing in France: Rail Europe offers sightseeing activities in most popular French cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Avignon and more. Convenience: Train travel offers fast, comfortable and convenient city-center to city-center connections. Eco-friendly: High speed trains are 3 times as energy efficient as regional trains, but even the slowest train is 25% more energy efficient than cars. Market share: High speed TGV trains have approximately 90% of the market share in France for journeys 2 hours or less in duration. Fastest Train:The TGV holds the world rail speed record set on April 3, 2007 traveling at 357 mph. Speed: When not breaking world speed records, TGV trains transport travelers at approximately 200 mph.


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