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Côte Basque

10 Things You May Not Associate with France

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Chateaux of the Loire Valley, baguettes, the Eiffel Tower --all classic symbols of France that we know and love. However, why not take this time of quarantine to discover the sites, activities and foods of France that you may not think of as typically French. Check out this list for ideas and inspiration:

Claude Monet’s home

Tour France : The "New Fashioned" Way

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If the view from your window is getting stale, embark on a virtual tour of France. From north to south, here are some views across the different regions.

Distillerie Depaz

Raise a Glass to Rhum!

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Follow Martinique’s Route du Rhum to discover the island’s distilleries

Ansea d'Arlets

Martinique 2020 News & Festive events

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The Caribbean Island of Martinique—a dream destination for nature lovers, divers, foodies or those passionate about history—never ceases to astound.