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Top French Cities

Top Fench Cities - Fast facts

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  • 2800 hotels in total—289,000 beds which means an average number of 52 rooms per hotel


Top French Cities: Ten Off-the-Beaten Track Cities Worth Exploring

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Even the most well traveled Francophiles haven't explored all the wonderful cities of France. And there is so much more to see and do outside of the capital and major hubs. Here are ten of France's less celebrated cities, and the many adventures to be had among them. You’re sure to find just as much culture, innovation, as well as a bevy of intriguing points of interest you won’t find on the tourist track.


Top French Cities: 13 Romantic Cities in France for Honeymooners

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**** If you love Paris for romance, you should know there are many other cities in France for starry-eyed lovers to explore. Each of these towns boasts all of the things worth celebrating about France: brilliant museums, restaurants, vineyards, churches, châteaux, and markets offering the finest local products. These settings are ideal for the kinds of memory-making experiences newlyweds are looking for. Here are some top ideas.

 Calanque de Marseille a Cassis

Top French Cities: Seaside Family Vacations in France

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In France, families don’t need to forgo cultural activities for a fun holiday at the seaside. Cities on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean are perfect for escapades in art, food, and history not far from the shore. For a well-rounded vacation with sandcastle building and beach lolling included, consider these cities, which cover all the bases for families in their own distinctive ways.

Place Stanislas - Nancy

9 Eastern Top French Cities to Visit for Their UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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In 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) put forward a convention to name, catalogue and conserve sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the heritage of humanity. Compilation of this World Heritage List officially began in 1975 and presently includes more than 1,000 landmarks and areas in 167 counties. Today, it is the world's most popular cultural program.