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Anses d'Arlets Martinique

This winter, the French Caribbean Island of Martinique is @ your fingertips. Book now!

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Summer is the perfect season to start planning for a sunny winter break. With the bluest waters of the Caribbean there is an island known as the Isle of Flowers. It is acclaimed for its warm people and a geography that offers 425 square miles of verdant lush mountainous landscapes, rolling hills, pristine waters of many unspoiled beaches and coves crowned by the towering Mont Pelee volcano

58th International Jazz Festival "Jazz à Juan" July 12-22, 2018

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NEW YORK, N.Y. – July 2, 2018 Since 1960 and the creation of "Jazz à Juan", jazz has changed, jazz has mutated. It is everywhere, all over the world, permeating, transfusing and instilling itself into all musical styles, redefining borders and boundaries, and must be recognised as the vast musical trajectory which has brought Afro-American culture to the threshold of the most contemporary and universal questions in music, while careful not to become lost in the prolixity of what we might conveniently call “World Music”, nor hardened into an academic discipline destined for maintaining heritage.